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Your Savvy Virtual Office Management Team

We are here to help you free up your time by offering exceptional, efficient and personalized virtual assistant and office management services including client management, administrative & managerial support for your wellness clinic.


With over 45 years of combined administrative and customer service experience, our team is here to help you with all those details and tasks to lighten your load.


Whether we are scheduling client appointments, managing payments, answering emails, taking care of your booking calendar, posting on your social media pages or managing your projects, we are here to help you help you grow the business you love.

Let us lighten the load and free up your time!

Meet Ashley, the Founder

Commonly referred to as a “lifesaver”, Ashley’s personability, stellar organizational abilities, social media knowledge, design skills and capacity to find practical solutions are what sets her apart from other virtual assistants.


With over 18 years of experience in customer service, retail management and staff training, Ashley is well-versed in many organizational systems, software programs and administrative processes. She knows the value and importance of being efficient, communicative and creative in order to make her clients happy and successful.


You could say she has been mastering time for most of her working life, from being a Manager at Sears in the Watch and Jewelry department, to Swatch Group Canada as a retail manager and then National Customer Service Coordinator, to now as the Owner of Free UP.

My Journey to Full-Time VA

The thing I love most about being a Virtual Assistant is helping other female entrepreneurs achieve their small business dreams. My mission is to get to know my clients and their businesses on a deeper level, so that I can customize their processes in a way that makes it easy to both implement and sustain. My clients often comment that they feel I truly care about seeing their businesses succeed, as much as they do. 


I have been working as a Virtual Assistant since 2017, when I helped my friend with her mobile Hair and Makeup business. I was the go-to contact, solely handling all email inquiries, estimates, contracts and invoices for the 200+ weddings and events the business was doing each year. I also organized and scheduled a team of 20+ Freelance Hair and Makeup Artists for those weddings and events.


In 2020, I officially started Free UP, supporting even more clients during the pandemic. Two years in, and I’ve added two freelance Virtual Assistants to the Free UP team and my business is growing faster than I had ever anticipated.


Originally from a small town in Nova Scotia, I enjoy a meaningful and fun home, family and outdoor life. I spend my free time with my husband, Shane, our 5-year-old daughter, Everley, and our sassy pug, Bacon. I enjoy planning elaborate theme parties and events for family and friends, as well as spending time outdoors as often as possible. Most weekends you can find me at the barn doing horseback riding lessons. 

Quality, Service, Results

That's how we roll.

Our overarching goal is to free up time for female entrepreneurs by offering exceptional, efficient and personalized administrative and managerial Virtual Assistant Support for their small businesses.  We provide female entrepreneurs more freedom in their lives and less stress, while also helping them achieve their small business goals and dreams.

Ashley has been amazing support for my private practice (Healing Roots Therapy), in both supporting my clients and managing admin tasks. She has provided efficient support in organizing our emails and billing and has created and suggested easier ways of navigating administrator tasks. I would highly recommend her support for anyone who is looking for a virtual assistant who would be able to transform the daunting administrator tasks within their practice.


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Meet Erika, Freelance Assistant

Ashley’s younger sister and go to person, Erika has over 7 years of experience in retail and customer service, as well as event management.

She offers a creative flair which she cultivated from her College training in Digital Photography. Couple this with her love of social media content creation and posting, and you have someone who understands the importance of conveying your message and brand online.

Erika enjoys being home full-time so she is readily available to answer your questions or implement tasks at a moment’s notice. She understands the value of meeting your business’ needs for a polished online presence and responds quickly and professionally to your customers’ needs.

As a side biz, Erika started her own online craft store (@sewmycrochet) during the pandemic, selling adorable handmade crochet creations. For fun, she also runs an IG account (@french.buns) dedicated to her fur baby, Mousse, a French Bulldog. 

She enjoys relaxing with those she loves, spending her summers at her trailer near Lake Simcoe with Mousse and her husband, Derek, along with hosting friends and family. 

Erika Free Up Virtual Assistants

Meet Laura, Freelance Assistant

Laura has worked as an Administrative Assistant for many years in both veterinary medicine and in physiotherapy clinics, where she has learned how to interact with clients in a professional, compassionate and empathetic manner.


Laura is also a second year student at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine where she is studying to become a Naturopathic Doctor. She loves working from home virtually and responds efficiently to your administrative needs and questions. 


When she takes a breather, Laura enjoys hiking, watching movies, doing yoga and spending time with her fur-baby, Merlot.


Meet Kendra, Freelance Assistant

Kendra has several years of experience at various medical clinics. She is currently studying to become a Naturopathic Doctor at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, having interests in sports medicine, performance, and lifestyle medicine. 


The work doesn’t stop there. She is also a volunteer at the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides, where she raises puppies that will go on to be service dogs for individuals in need. She is currently raising her fourth dog. 


In her spare time, Kendra enjoys CrossFit, being out in nature, and reading.

Meet Siobhan, Freelance Assistant

With her years of experience in customer service and sales, Siobhan knows how to put the clients needs first and uses her knack for creativity to get the job done.
Siobhan followed in Ashely’s footsteps as a retail manager at Swatch Group Canada and then becoming the National Customer Service Coordinator. Siobhan is thrilled to now be working for Ashley part-time. 
Siobhan thrives off of organization, details and a “check-mark” on the to-do list. She is lovingly referred to as the leader in planning “organized fun” with her friends. 
When she isn’t working, Siobhan loves to spend time with her friends, family and especially her nieces and nephews. She enjoys reading, baking and practicing the piano

Meet Bacon, CCO (Chief Cuddle Officer)

Bacon is Ashley’s loyal Pug sidekick who has been with her for the last eight years. Affectionally dubbed Chief Cuddle Officer, you will often find glimpses of him across our social media pages, as he adores getting his picture taken. Most days he can be heard snoring through important Zoom meetings and phone calls in Ashley’s office.

Mr Bacon Free Up Virtual Assistants

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